About Katalite

Established in 2014, INTARIATEK stepped into the LED industry, intending to fulfill the client's demands for LED tube lights, bulbs, decorative lights, lamps, and much more. After a huge success, we returned with the sister concern company, KATALITE- Eternal Lightning. Owing to our client-centric approach, we have designed valuable and exclusive quality products that include: High-end Residential, Commercial & Architectural Lighting-specially designed to cater to LED requirements of the construction industry, hotel industry, and architects & interior designers. With the formidable reputation of Intariatek, we have taken a giant leap and come up with Katalite's latest technology products that take you into the world of bright and smart lights. A world where you will get gleaming lights that will make the aura of your building, office, & home more positive.
This time, "Katalite" emerged as a one-stop platform to accomplish the LED needs of the industries. With the brilliant team of professionals, we are presenting products that will give the environment of working in natural light, different colors, to make surroundings lively and lustrous. Our motto is: choose Katalite and eliminate watts. With this, let us team up and bring the ultimate radiant and energy-efficient lights.